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Introducing our beautiful Triquetra Box, measuring 7 inches by 4.75 inches, perfect for storing your precious metaphysical supplies. The Triquetra symbol, also known as the Trinity Knot, represents the three stages of life - youth, adulthood, and old age. It also embodies the concepts of maiden, mother, and crone, as well as father, son, and Holy Spirit, making it a powerful and versatile symbol for spiritual and magical practices. This intricately designed box is perfect for storing crystals, tarot cards, herbs, and any other items you need for your metaphysical rituals. Whether you're a Wiccan, a pagan, or simply intrigued by the spiritual world, this Triquetra Box is sure to bring an extra layer of meaning and magic to your daily practice. Add it to your altar or sacred space and let its symbolism enhance your spiritual journey.

Triquetra Box 7in x 4.75in

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