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Introducing our stunning Blue Tigers Eye Tumbles (intuitively chosen) (Lg) - the perfect addition to your metaphysical toolkit! These tumbles are not only visually striking, but are also highly powerful stones for those seeking luck, prosperity, and empowerment. With its strong connection to the air element, Blue Tigers Eye is a wonderful choice for those seeking to improve their chances of being hired at a new job and to bolster their confidence in the process. Additionally, this stone aids in astral travel, releases fear and worry, and can be used to manifest desires with its clarity-enhancing properties. It is also known to aid with headaches and is an excellent tool for activating the 3rd eye chakra. Embrace the empowering energy of Blue Tigers Eye and let it guide you towards your goals!

Blue Tiger's Eye Tumbles (intuitively chosen) (Lg)

SKU: 2324501107171
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