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Elevate your energy and embrace the power of the sun with our Star Sunstone Copper Ring in size 8. This stunning piece is not just a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection but also carries metaphysical properties of joy, optimism, and courage. The captivating sunstone is known for aiding in manifestation and instilling a sense of leadership, making it the perfect accessory for those who are looking to step into their power and take charge of their lives. Additionally, this ring is believed to help in cutting energetic cords and increasing sexual vitality.Wearing this ring can help lift your spirit and exude confidence, enthusiasm, and radiance. It is also thought to bring luck and act as a natural anti-depressant. Embrace the magic of the sun with our Star Sunstone Copper Ring and let its powerful energy guide you on your journey towards positivity and empowerment.

Star Sunstone Copper Ring size 8

SKU: 2725777817171
$65.00 Regular Price
$55.25Sale Price
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