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Introducing our 2 inch Sodalite Skull Carving, a powerful metaphysical tool designed to enhance clarity, logic, and intelligence. Sodalite is known for its ability to promote better sleep, improve communication skills, and enhance intuition. This skull carving can also aid in seeking truth, improving perception, and enhancing decisiveness, making it a logical choice for those in need of deeper insight and self-esteem.Associated with the water and air elements, this Sodalite skull carving can help balance the 3rd eye and throat chakras, allowing for a deeper connection to one's intuition and the ability to communicate effectively. Whether you are looking to improve your logical pursuits, find inner stoicism, or simply delve into deep slumber, this Sodalite skull carving is the perfect addition to any metaphysical collection.

Sodalite Skull Craving (2in)

SKU: 1931639946171
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