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Introducing our 5cm Selenite Sphere, a powerful tool for metaphysical practitioners and crystal enthusiasts. This stunning sphere offers peace, shielding, and cleansing properties, making it an ideal addition to your spiritual practice. Selenite is known for its ability to clear the energy of a space and the aura of the person holding it, promoting inner awareness and tranquility. Additionally, this sphere is perfect for working with the 3rd eye and crown chakras, aiding in channel opening and connecting with higher consciousness. Not only does Selenite promote peace and clarity, but it also has the unique ability to charge other crystals placed in its vicinity, making it a versatile and essential tool for any metaphysical collection. Add the 5cm Selenite Sphere to your practice and experience its transformative and healing energies.

Selenite Sphere (5cm)

SKU: 6470739946171
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