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Introducing our exquisite Ruby Zoisite Star Carving, standing at 1.75 inches tall and intuitively chosen just for you. This stunning stone is known for its powerful properties that promote strength and courage, pushing you to achieve your dreams and overcome obstacles. With its ability to transmute energies and stimulate growth, this crystal is perfect for enhancing intuition and protection. The Ruby Zoisite is also associated with the root, heart, and third eye chakras, making it an excellent tool for balancing and aligning your energy centers. Additionally, this earth element stone can relieve depression, stress and anxiety, and aid in releasing deep rooted fears. Bring hope, gratitude, and passion into your life with this beautiful and unique Ruby Zoisite carving.

*Ruby Zoisite Star Carving (intuitively chosen) 1.75in

SKU: 1326654772171
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