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Introducing our stunning Rough Prasiolite Piece, measuring between 1.5" to 2" in size. This beautiful stone, also known as green amethyst, is believed to be a powerful stone of abundance, prosperity, and self-confidence. It is said to resonate with the energies of divine love, compassion, and the higher self, creating a strong connection to the "as above, so below" philosophy. Prasiolite is also associated with self-expression, self-worth, and the heart chakra, making it a wonderful tool for promoting love and harmony within oneself and others. This earth element stone is the perfect addition to any metaphysical collection and can be used for meditation, energy work, or simply as a stunning decoration. Embrace the powerful energies of Prasiolite and unlock your true potential today.

Rough Prasiolite Piece (1.5" to 2")

SKU: 9035401107171
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