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Introducing our stunning 2 1/2 inch Rhodonite Tower, a powerful metaphysical tool for promoting self-love, balance, and inner talents. Known for its influence on the heart and root chakras, this beautiful crystal is believed to enhance compassion, love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Its energy helps to boost self-esteem and self-confidence while dispelling panic and releasing fear. The Rhodonite Tower is also associated with promoting commitment, generosity, and kindness, making it an ideal tool for promoting positive and loving relationships. This crystal harnesses the elements of earth and fire, bringing a grounded yet passionate energy to its users. Whether you're looking to enhance self-love or foster compassionate connections with others, the Rhodonite Tower is a must-have for anyone seeking emotional balance and healing.

Rhodonite Tower (2 1/2in)

SKU: 8891753138171
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