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Infuse your space with the quiet confidence and calming energy of our intuitively chosen Prehnite Tower. This beautiful 2 inch tower is the perfect addition to your metaphysical supplies, offering anti-anxiety properties and a gentle healing energy that can soothe the mind and bring a sense of peace. Prehnite is known as the healer's stone, promoting compassion, trust, and prophecy, making it an ideal tool for those in the healing and spiritual professions. Connected to the heart chakra and the earth element, this stone is associated with Archangel Raphael and the green ray of light, making it a powerful tool for connecting with the healing energies of nature. Its connection to the elemental realm also enhances visualization and intuition, while helping you to be prepared for any challenges that may arise. Additionally, Prehnite can help declutter your life, whether it's physical or emotional, and help you release hoarded items and emotions. Bring the grounding and nurturing energy of Prehnite into your life with this beautiful tower.

Prehnite Tower 2 inches (intuitively chosen)

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