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Introducing the Peach Selenite Bowl (Small), the perfect addition to your spiritual and metaphysical supplies. This bowl is great as an offering bowl and is perfect for holding small crystals or other sacred items. However, please note that you should not put water in the bowl as it may destroy it due to its fragile nature. The Peach Selenite Bowl connects you to your intuition and cleanses your aura, allowing for transformation and healing of old emotional wounds. It promotes forgiveness, acceptance, and self-awareness while improving your self-image and mental clarity. This bowl is especially great for entrepreneurs and also aids in sacral chakra healing.

2.75 in in length, weighs 0.240lbs

(crystal chips not included)

* Peach Selenite Bowl (Small)

SKU: PeachSele/0.240lbs/2.75in/small
Excluding Sales Tax
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