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Introducing our Peach Selenite Bowl, a powerful tool for emotional healing and self-improvement. This beautiful bowl, with its gentle peach color, aids in healing emotional wounds and improving self-image. It is great for putting offerings and can be used as a central piece for meditation and ritual work. Please note that this delicate bowl is easy to break, so handle it with care. Additionally, it is important not to put water in it, as it may cause damage. The Peach Selenite Bowl is known to clear confusion, making it a great tool for entrepreneurs and individuals seeking transformation in their lives. It is also associated with the 3rd eye and crown chakras, the element air, and the moon planet, making it a powerful aid for increasing willpower and inner wisdom. Add this Peach Selenite Bowl to your metaphysical supplies for an essential tool in your spiritual practice.

Peach Selenite Bowl

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