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Introducing our powerful Orgonite Spheres, designed to protect against harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and negative energy. Made with a combination of crystals, copper wire, copper shavings, and resin, these spheres are carefully crafted to influence positive energy and dispel negative energy. It is believed that Orgonite balances the chi or life force, enhancing overall well-being. With the peizoeletric properties related to the crystals inside of the sphere being under pressure, these Orgonite Spheres are designed to transform harmful energy into positive vibrations. Perfect for those seeking to bring a sense of harmony and balance to their spiritual and energetic spaces.


Mookite- mooka means "running waters", nurturing during stress, stability, knowledge, ancestral connection, releases old patterns,  grounding


Opalite- (man made stone) stone of love & communication, new beginnings, healing


Nephrite Jade- love, devotion, fidelity, assist in dream recall, connection to ancient wisdom, abundance, harmony, uplifting, protective


Lapis Lazuli- royality, strength, courage, wisdom, intellect, friendship, truth, transformation, mysticism, self-awareness, inner truth, exploring past lives, intuition


Labradorite- "shaman/magician stone", dream recall, mystery, magic, shamanic work, psychic abilities, divination, strengthm transformation, intuition 

* Orgonite Spheres

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