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Introducing our Obsidian Bracelet 8B, a powerful tool for protection, purification, and transformation. Made from genuine obsidian, this bracelet is designed to fulfill the wearer's metamorphoses, both spiritually and emotionally. Durable yet practical, it can be worn daily to enhance psychic abilities, especially for those looking to open and balance their root chakra.The natural properties of obsidian enhance blood flow and ease pain and tension, making it the perfect grounding tool for those seeking to connect with the earth and fire elements. This bracelet is also known to reveal the truth and shields from psychic attacks, providing a sense of intuition and strength to the wearer. Embrace the power of obsidian with our Obsidian Bracelet 8B and unlock a new level of spiritual protection and fulfillment.

Obsidian Bracelet 8B

SKU: 6844877817171
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