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Bring ancient wisdom into your space with our Nag Champa Sage Bundles. Measuring at 9 inches, these sage bundles are perfect for clearing negative energy and restoring harmony in your home or sacred space.


The combination of Nag Champa and sage bring a sense of prudence and good judgment, helping you to make decisions from a place of clarity and insight.


Nag Champa Candle. Nag Champa, which translates to "snake flower" in Sanskrit, is a natural fragrance of Indian origin known for its ability to cleanse and purify a space. With roots in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, this candle is perfect for meditation, yoga, and rituals aimed at removing negativity and promoting spiritual awareness.

The soothing aroma of Nag Champa can also help reduce anxiety, improve concentration, and enhance spiritual awareness, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to elevate their metaphysical journey.

These bundles are ideal for anyone seeking to incorporate the wisdom of sage into their spiritual practice, rituals, or meditation. Invite the power of sage into your life and experience the transformative effects of this ancient and revered herb.

Nag Champa Sage Bundles 9inch

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