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Introducing our 2-inch Moss Agate Santa Skull, the perfect addition to any metaphysical supplies collection. This unique piece combines the creativity and grounding properties of Moss Agate with the spiritual symbolism of a Santa skull. Moss Agate is known for its ability to balance the heart and root chakras, making it an excellent tool for connecting with the earth element and promoting stability in one's life.This crystal is also associated with gardening and can bring a sense of freshness and abundance to any space. It is believed to provide a fresh start and support new beginnings, making it an ideal companion for those undergoing spiritual growth or shadow work. Additionally, Moss Agate is said to boost the immune system and bring clarity to the mind.The Santa skull shape adds an element of joy and compassion to this crystal, evoking the collective consciousness of the holiday season. Embodying the deeply seated spiritual memories and the generous spirit of Santa Claus, this piece is a wonderful reminder of the giver of gifts and the interconnectedness of all beings. Bring the energy of Santa into your spiritual practice with our Moss Agate Santa Skull.

Moss Agate Santa Skull (2in)

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