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Introducing our Money Green Ink, a powerful tool for enhancing spells, rituals, and intention setting related to abundance, money, and prosperity. Each 1 FL OZ bottle contains potent green ink that can help you manifest and attract more wealth and financial success into your life. Whether you're looking to increase your income, attract new opportunities, or simply create more abundance in your life, this ink is the perfect metaphysical tool to add to your practice. Use it to inscribe sigils, symbols, or affirmations on your manifestation candles, money charms, or abundance crystals for amplified results. With its vibrant green color symbolizing growth and prosperity, our Money Green Ink is an essential addition to any metaphysical practitioner's toolkit. Unlock the power of attraction and start creating more of what you desire in your life with this enchanting ink.

Money Green Ink (1 FL OZ)

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