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This stunning Mermaid Labradorite Carving is the perfect addition to any metaphysical collection. Labradorite is known for its work with psychic abilities and divination, making it a powerful tool for those seeking insight and intuition. With its mysterious and magical aura, this carving can aid in the awakening of the 3rd eye and lucid dreaming.The mermaid motif of this Labradorite carving adds an extra layer of symbolism, as mermaids are often associated with transformation and metamorphosis. They represent the merging of two worlds and the potential for change and growth in our lives. Whether you're drawn to the mystical properties of Labradorite or the symbolism of the mermaid, this carving is sure to be a cherished and powerful addition to your metaphysical practice.

Mermaid Labradorite Carving

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