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Introducing our Small  Sunstone Tumbled, a radiant and uplifting stone that embodies the restorative power of the sun. This stone is a symbol of joy, leadership, confidence, and motivation, making it an essential addition to any metaphysical collection. With its fiery energy, this stone promotes creativity, enthusiasm, and can even bring luck and fortune to those who work with it. The Sunstone is also known for its anti-depressant properties, making it a great tool for promoting positivity and emotional healing. By working with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, this stone can help to enhance sexuality, vitality, and overall well-being. Embodying the elements of fire and air, Sunstone is perfect for manifestation and cutting cords, allowing you to let go of negative energy and bring in new opportunities for growth and success. Embrace the powerful energy of the sun with our Sunstone Tumbled, and experience its transformative effects in your life.

(edited size med to small)

Small Sunstone Tumbled

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