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Looking for a versatile tool that can aid you in your spiritual practices? Our Homemade Reversible Pendulum Board/Crystal Grid is perfect for you! This board is designed to help you get answers from the pendulum - simply place the pendulum over the board and ask your question, and the pendulum will sway toward the answer. Additionally, the crystal grid on the opposite side of the board is perfect for those who are looking to harness the healing power of crystals. With the combination of energies formed between the crystals, sacred geometry, and your intention, this tool is a must-have for anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual practice. Handmade with love, this pendulum board/crystal grid is the perfect addition to any metaphysical and spiritual supplies collection.

* Homemade Reversible Moon Pendulum Board/Crystal Grid with Homemade Pendulum

SKU: 1916940772171
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