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Introducing our large Hematite Tumbled stone, the perfect addition to any crystal collection. Hematite is known for its grounding and protective qualities, making it an essential tool for spiritual practices. This stone is also great for detoxifying the body and promoting a sense of balance and stability. With its strong connection to the root chakra, Hematite can help to energize and align the body's physical and spiritual energies. It also activates the fire and earth chakras, providing a sense of control and protection. This powerful stone is capable of absorbing negative energy and releasing self-imposed limitations, allowing for personal growth and transformation. In addition, Hematite is believed to protect against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and other environmental pollutants. Whether you're looking for energetic protection, emotional stability, or a connection to the earth, our large Hematite Tumbled stone is the perfect choice for all your metaphysical needs.

Hematite Tumbled *Large*

SKU: 4336273083171
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