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Introducing the Fluorite Peacock, a stunning and intuitively chosen crystal measuring 3 inches in size. This beautiful stone is believed to harness the powerful energy of the peacock, promoting confidence, protection, and staying true to oneself. Fluorite is known for its abilities to enhance mental acuity, clarity, and discernment, making it the perfect companion for anyone seeking growth, renewal, and emotional healing. With its connection to the heart and 3rd eye chakras, this crystal can aid in protection from 3rd eye attacks and help dissolve confusion, while also promoting love, romance, and self-love. Embrace the powerful manifestation energy and leadership qualities of the Fluorite Peacock, and let it guide you to a place of awareness, resurrection, and honor. Add this unique and enchanting crystal to your metaphysical supplies and experience its transformative properties for yourself.

Fluorite Peacock (intuitively chosen) (3in)

SKU: 2752401107171
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