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Introducing our Fluorite Fairy, standing at 2 1/2" tall, this enchanting and mystical figurine is perfect for those seeking mental clarity and discernment in their spiritual journey. Crafted from high-quality fluorite, this fairy helps to promote mental clarity and clear thinking, allowing for a deeper connection to one's intuition and higher consciousness.In metaphysical beliefs, fairies are associated with games, growth, and illusions, as they are known for testing boundaries and concealing motives. They also symbolize themes of death, sexual depravity, abduction, and immortality, making them a powerful and multi-faceted figure in the spiritual realm. The Fluorite Fairy embodies these traits, while also being clever and playful, encouraging a lighthearted and fun approach to connecting with the mystical world.Whether you are a believer in the spiritual significance of fairies or simply appreciate their whimsical charm, our Fluorite Fairy is sure to bring a touch of magic and enchantment to any space. Add this captivating figurine to your collection of metaphysical supplies and invite the energy of clarity and discernment into your life.

Fluorite Fairy ( 2 1/2" )

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