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Introducing our Fire Quartz Bracelet CB, a powerful and captivating piece that harnesses the energy of fire quartz to transform and stabilize your spiritual and emotional well-being. Also known as hematoid or harlequin quartz, this stunning bracelet targets the crown, root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras, promoting happiness, twin flame connections, and grounding. Its properties as a seeker transformer make it ideal for boosting self-esteem and focus, while its affiliation with the fire element adds an energetic vitality to every wearer.In addition to its spiritual benefits, the Fire Quartz Bracelet CB can also assist with common challenges such as ADD and ADHD, anxiety, and immunity. When worn, this bracelet emanates a calming and supportive energy that aids in overall wellness. Elevate your metaphysical practice with this beautiful and multifaceted accessory.

Fire Quartz Bracelet CB

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