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Introducing the 7oz Eucalyptus Tea Candle by Ugly Candles, the perfect addition to your metaphysical supplies collection! This candle provides a powerful and invigorating scent that can aid in mental clarity and concentration, while also helping to improve respiratory function. Eucalyptus is also known for its ability to raise the vibration around you, as well as helping to ward off evil and negative energies. With its connection to the heart chakra and the water and air elements, this candle is perfect for protection, banishing negativity, and clearing the space. Whether you're looking to increase abundance, protect yourself, or simply want to energize your environment, this Eucalyptus Tea Candle is the ideal choice for all of your metaphysical needs. Add it to your ritual space or meditation area to reap the benefits of this powerful and cleansing scent.

Eucalyptus Tea Candle 7oz by Ugly Candles

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