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Introducing our Double Amethyst Skull - a stunning and powerful addition to any metaphysical collection. This unique piece measures 5in x 3in and weighs 2.355lbs, making it a substantial and eye-catching addition to any space. Skulls are known to represent personal power, spiritual transformation, wisdom, and communication, while also serving as a connection with ancestors and the inner self. In combination with amethyst, this Double Amethyst Skull also brings the benefits of peace, spiritual awareness, intuition, and stress relief. With its association with the crown chakra, this Double Amethyst Skull is perfect for meditation and channeling information from other dimensions. Whether you're looking to enhance your spiritual practice or simply add a beautiful and meaningful piece to your space, our Double Amethyst Skull is sure to impress.

*Double Amethyst Skull

SKU: 5751652972171
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