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Introducing our stunning Dendritic Opal Angel, the perfect addition to any metaphysical collection. Measuring at 2 inches in height, this beautifully crafted angel is believed to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition. The unique properties of Dendritic Opal are said to help with ear imbalances, dizziness, and vertigo, while also promoting hope and luck. This angel figurine is perfect for those seeking to understand their true selves and achieve inner harmony. Additionally, it is believed that Dendritic Opal can improve eyesight and vision while enhancing psychic abilities. Angels are often seen as protectors, bringers of hope, love, and light, and messengers of the universe. Add this Dendritic Opal Angel to your collection for a touch of divine guidance and positive energy.

Dendritic Opal Angel (2in)

SKU: 9534639946171
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