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Indulge in the divine scent of our Crown Chakra Lavender & Cotton candle, infused with the healing energy of Reiki. This 12oz candle is crafted with a powerful combination of amethyst, lepidolite, howlite, charoite, kunzite, clear quartz, and selenite to help open and balance your crown chakra.Our hand-poured candles are designed to enhance your consciousness, raise awareness of higher spiritual realms, and transcend limitations, allowing you to experience spiritual ecstasy and enlightened wisdom. Each candle is carefully created by Ugly Candles, known for their high-quality and intention-infused products.Illuminate your space with the calming aroma of lavender and cotton while elevating your spiritual journey with our Crown Chakra candle. Perfect for meditation, yoga, or simply creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home. Embrace the healing power of this candle and take your spiritual practice to new heights.

Crown Chakra Lavender & Cotton (Reiki infused) 12oz

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