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Introducing our stunning Copper Raw Black Tourmaline Pentagram Pendant! This powerful piece measures 2-3/4 inches  and is crafted with genuine raw black tourmaline to provide grounding, protection, and purification. The black tourmaline crystal is believed to resonate with the root chakra, making it an ideal tool for removing past life curses and clearing the aura. This pendant is designed to shield the wearer from psychic vampires and negativity, offering EMF and psychic protection. It also absorbs negative energies, making it an essential accessory for anyone seeking to maintain a sense of peace and balance in their daily life. Embrace the transformative energy of black tourmaline and embrace its powerful metaphysical benefits with this exquisite pendant.

Copper Raw Black Tourmaline Pentagram Pendant (2-3/4in)

SKU: 3533870328171
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