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Introducing our stunning Chevron Amethyst Snake Skull, measuring at 3 inches in size. This unique piece combines the mystic properties of both Chevron Amethyst and the symbolism of the snake skull. The snake skull is a representation of courage, strength, and connection to our ancestors, while Chevron Amethyst is known for its stress-relieving, self-discovery, and dream-clarity properties.This powerful combination makes for a truly special addition to any metaphysical collection. Use this skull to connect with your inner power, overcome obstacles, and tap into your higher self. Place it on your nightstand for a restful sleep and to promote feelings of soothing and upliftment. Whether you are seeking strength, clarity, or a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, this Chevron Amethyst Snake Skull is sure to deliver.

*Chevron Amethyst Snake Skull 3inches

SKU: 2940295582171
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