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Unleash the vibrant energy of the Carnelian Heart, intuitively chosen just for you. This stunning 2.7 inch Carnelian Heart is the perfect addition to your metaphysical supplies, adding a pop of color and powerful healing properties to your collection. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, Carnelian is believed to bring courage, vitality, and creativity into your life. Whether you use it for meditation, chakra work, or simply as a decorative piece, this Carnelian Heart is sure to bring positive energy and passion into any space. Each heart is unique, so you can feel confident that the one you receive was chosen specifically for you. Invite the dynamic energy of Carnelian into your life and watch as it brings warmth and vitality to your spiritual practice.

Carnelian Heart (Intuitively chosen) (2.7in)

SKU: 4115329004171
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