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Introducing our beautiful Ametrine Bracelet CB, crafted to enhance spiritual clarity and aid in decision making. This unique bracelet is designed to help overcome resistance and procrastination, providing guidance and focus in all areas of life. The Ametrine stone is known to stimulate creativity and is associated with the solar plexus, 3rd eye, and crown chakras, making it a powerful tool for balancing energy and enhancing meditation.Not only does the Ametrine Bracelet CB relieve tension and remove toxins from the body, but it also boosts self-confidence and personal strength. With its ability to enhance lucidity and motivation, this bracelet is perfect for those seeking mental clarity and inner strength. Whether you're looking for guidance or simply a way to enhance your own spiritual practice, the Ametrine Bracelet CB is the perfect addition to any metaphysical toolkit.

Ametrine Bracelet CB

SKU: 1880877817171
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