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Unleash your inner power with our 7oz Honeysuckle Sacral Chakra Candle, infused with Reiki energy to promote inspiration, confidence, passion, sexuality, creativity, and joy. This enchanting candle contains a blend of powerful crystals including carnelian, goldstone, sunstone, tigers eye, lemon quartz, and honey calcite, all known for their ability to open, balance, and activate the sacral chakra. Handcrafted with care by Ugly Candles, this candle radiates warmth and positivity, creating the perfect ambiance for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding after a long day. Whether you’re seeking to ignite your passion or embrace your creativity, this thoughtfully crafted candle will help you harness the energy of the sacral chakra and radiate positivity in all aspects of your life. Experience the magic of this Reiki infused candle and elevate your spiritual journey today!

7oz Honeysuckle Sacral Chakra Candle (Reiki infused)

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